SaaS lead generation with LinkedIn

Get inbound and outbound leads using your personal brand as a founder or marketer

You're tinkering with LinkedIn,
but not booking demos or growing your brand

It’s 2019. Of course you know that you’re supposed to be connecting with ideal clients on LinkedIn, engaging with them via messages AND creating content that makes them message you. Everything you’re doing (and not doing) is just not bringing you any good leads. 


With consistent LinkedIn marketing, you can acquire 4 or more high quality leads each week

For many B2B SaaS businesses, LinkedIn is the place to be. If your product is used by enterprises, mid-market companies or even solopreneurs or consultants, it’s very likely that your ideal customer is a regular user of LinkedIn. 

Copywriting and content guidance that gives you the edge

Let’s get this ship back on course shall we? With accurate targeting, a kickass profile, and consistent content, you’ll improve the perception of your brand while bringing in leads. 

How I help you with SaaS lead generation using LinkedIn

Smart targeting strategy

Before I write a word of copy for your LinkedIn presence, we first have a call determining who to target. Who are your ideal buyer personas? What are their pain points? What search criteria can you use to find these people?

Conversational messages

You know those LinkedIn messages that piss you off? The ones that are a few sentences long, give you a link to sign up, and force you to unconnect with the person so you don’t get any more. I don’t write that kind. I write LinkedIn messages that start a conversation between you and your ideal prospect.

Profiles that convert

Me, me, me. No one likes people who talk only about themselves. If your LinkedIn profile is about your, your company and your experience, then you’re not going to get organic leads. Let me turn your profile into a (never cheesy) sales letter and watch the results.

Guidance on continued content

I can’t guarantee that you’ll go viral, but when you can create weekly LinkedIn posts with views of between 1,000 and 10,000, you’ll gain leads, stay top-of-mind with your network of ideal customers, and build your personal brand. I can teach you what the LinkedIn algorithm likes, help you come up with concepts, and provide feedback on your posts.


When it comes to LinkedIn, a mix in inbound and outbound yields the best results.

  • Week 1: 90 minute strategy call 
  • Week 2: Profile and messages delivered to you
  • Weeks 3-4: Guidance and feedback on creating content and responding to messages



After this work is complete, you have the strategy and copy you need to kill it on LinkedIn. 

I started the LinkedIn strategy that Dayana gave me and I saw results quickly. Within a few days, my upcoming week was filled with phone calls with my new connections. At times, I’ve had to stop implementing the strategy because I couldn’t keep up with leads

Max Kwok
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