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Let’s future-proof your business with a B2B content marketing machine

The advertising cost per acquisition just keeps getting higher

Your LinkedIn, Google and Facebook ad campaigns bring in consistent traffic to your landing pages, but when those dollars are spent they’re gone. 


Some leads respond, and others don’t. You have to keep list building or your lead generating engine stops. Plus, for lower-tier plans, the effort doesn’t pay off.

Content marketing brings immediate traffic and long term results

When you’re ready to beat your competitors in the long game, it’s time to bulk up your content calendar.

SEO content has a ton of benefits:

  • Nurture existing leads
  • Build brand authority
  • Increase user loyalty and retention
  • Drive targeted organic traffic 
  • Beat out competitors for critical search terms 
  • Improve domain authority over time

What’s included in every piece of SaaS content I write:

SEO optimization

I select the right keyphrases based on their level of competition and your domain authority. From there, I build the content topic around the keyphrase and choose the length of the post depending on this keyphrases’ priority and the quality of the content on page 1 of Google. Then, we beat them out.

Engagement optimization

Blog content isn’t a dead-end road. Readers can engage with a different post or a sales page, download an asset or sign up for a free trial. For each post, I’ll identify the best action that readers should take next based on the topic, and include the CTA multiple times.

Positive brand messaging

Not all content is created equal. Bad content is generic, focused on the company’s needs (not the customer’s), stale, boring and worst of all...not optimized. The content I create is not only optimized for search, but it also helps readers connect with your brand

A sh*t ton of research ❤️

I don’t pretend to be an expert. If the topic isn’t overly technical, then I’ll interview you, your team, your customers and/or do a whole lot of reading to create high value features and articles. If the topic is highly technical (outside the fields of QA, marketing, product marketing, user acquisition or onboarding) then I won’t be able to help.

Engaging, customer-centric content built on hard-hitting SEO

Here’s a common misconception: content should be written for people, not for search.

People use search engines, so serve them the content they want with the keyphrases they’re actually searching for. There’s no conflict here. It’s always a win-win.

Google is smart. Keyword stuffing isn’t a thing. Here’s what works: selecting the right keyphrase, putting it in the title and URL, and writing great content—also, writing long pieces if the term is high value and competitive.

Ready-to-post SaaS content

Take a peek at my process. Content for SEO = done! My monthly content retainers range from $1200 to $2500. 

Strategy Call

We’ll get clear on who your ideal users are, what outcomes they need to achieve in their work life or business and how we can support that with niched, targeted content.

Keyphrase Research

Inhouse, you may start with content ideas and that’s fine. I always start by finding the right keyphrases for your business (target user and domain authority). Then I write the title.

Content Research & Draft

After you’ve approved the titles and their keyphrases, I work on one draft at a time. The research might include industry reports or brief interviews.

Client Review

Your turn! Take a peek at the content and have your marketing manager deliver any feedback. I provide 2 revision requests with every piece of content.

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