The words you need to make the sale

Selling is flirting.

All great copy is a tease.
Did you know that (just like selling), writing GREAT copy requires your business to be vulnerable, powerful & confident all at the same time? It's a big ask. I know. But no worries. You've got me. I'm devoted to helping your business communicate like a leader, so your prospect knows the RESULTS your company delivers.

Hopes & Fears

Copy that speaks to your prospects' biggest dreams and worst worries

Perfect Positioning

With a mix of strategy and flow, your copy will present YOU as the answer

Win the Market

Market and competitor research help create strategic messaging

A messaging strategy is foundational, and I'm not afraid to sell.
Whether you need to clarify your go-to market message or amplify it because you are ready to scale, I can connect you with your target buyers.

To achieve results for your business, I provide end-to-end strategy and copywriting solutions. We start with market research and buyer persona targeting. Then we develop a messaging strategy that connects and converts.

Next we decide on the assets your business needs to carry this message to the market:
  • Conversion and SEO copy for websites
  • Email sequences
  • Lead magnets
  • Funnel copy
  • And more

Website Relaunch

Messaging strategy document and 4 pages of web copy

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Lead Magnet Campaign

2-page downloadable guide, 6 Facebook ads, 8 emails, 1 sales page

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