Hustle versus flow

dayana Mindset

In 2020 will you be employing hustle or flow?

Let’s use some internet marketing stereotypes to illustrate the difference.

Hustle = bro marketers and their sixteen hour days

Flow = feminine spiritual entrepreneurs who do want they want, when they want, when it feels right


Think of hustle as push and flow as pull.

Entrepreneurs who hustle push through their exhaustion to get their to-do lists done.

Entrepreneurs who flow might feel themselves pulled to take baths in the middle of the day when they just can’t do XYZ anymore.


Which one are you?

The best people to work with are a bit of both.

People who operate in a constant state of hustle trample over the human needs of those around them.

But people who operate in a constant state of flow are unreliable.

Yes, you need to take care of yourself, but you need to be accountable sometimes too. Only living in flow makes life unnecessarily confusing.

Structure is a beautiful thing.

Structure looks different for everyone. For me, that’s having set working hours so I don’t have to base my work production on my feelings. I do what I need to do when the clock hits 9 am.

It also means I carve out personal time since I love what I do so much it’s overpowering.

But sometimes breaking your structure is the right thing to do.
We should all be a bit hustle and a bit flow.


I invite you to check in and consider if you need to re-balance.


The scales of balance aren’t static. They’re always moving!

At this time of year, people love to set goals. But checking into how you’re operating as a human can be even more fruitful.


As for me, I plan to incorporate a teensy bit more flow, by way of spontaneous midday walks.