3 Cold Email Subject Lines for Service Providers

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Without great cold email subject lines, your emails won’t get opened. Learn how to get past people’s “cold email” alarms with these simple subject lines. 

For service providers, cold email is all about quality over quantity. But you really don’t need to customize your cold email subject lines for each prospect. 

The simpler the better. I talked more about this in my recent YouTube video, which you can watch below.

It’s not easy to get your prospects opening up a stranger’s cold email.

So how can you convince a contact to click on your email- much more respond to it?

In prospecting, people should not immediately know that what you send to them is a cold email. It sometimes should appear as a referral email or should address their specific needs and niche.

When scaling up your service, writing a cold email subject line is critical for your success.

However, email subject lines need to be just super simple, straight to the point, and should not appear to be salesy.

Here are the 3 Simple Cold Email Subject Lines that I recommend for service providers to use.

Note: these email subject lines will get open rates of 65 – 80% assuming you know how to build a quality prospecting list.

1. [Your niche] [your service title]

Sell your service to people that need it.

If you’re an e-commerce copywriter, a great email subject line should state your niche and the service you’re providing to anyone you know who is already on the lookout for someone in your niche.

Sending a cold email stating your niche and the service to anyone who needs it easily converts them into clients because it captures the attention of people who need what you do.

Example: Ecommerce copywriter

2. Results from [your service]

A great email subject is just to state whatever you do.

For example, if you do Facebook Ads Management, your email subject line should be, something like “Results from Facebook ads management.”

Your email should include the results of your service. You could either add a link to a case study or a two-sentence case study in your email. Make your email subject line as natural as possible.

Example: Results from Facebook ads management

3. Strategies and ideas for [asset OR channel]

For example, if you’re a website designer, a good subject line would be, “Strategies and Ideas for website.” It’s that simple!

Learning how to create simple cold email subject lines can turn complete strangers into warm prospects.

Example: Strategies and ideas for site

How to get clients from cold email

Of course, there’s more to cold email than just subject lines. You also need the body of the email to be clear and compelling. It’s essential that you optimize your email body for a reply, instead of going straight into requesting a call. People don’t want to give you 30 minutes of their time. You have to earn it.

Who you send your emails to is also important. It takes experience to know where to find the best potential clients. One quick trick is to look for who gets interviewed in the top podcasts in your niche or industry. Grab my free email templates and you’ll be added to my email list, where you’ll get even more cold emailing tips.



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