The words you need to make the sale

Selling is flirting.

All great copy is a tease.
Did you know that (just like selling), writing GREAT copy requires your business to be vulnerable, powerful & confident all at the same time? It's a big ask. I know. But no worries. You've got me. I'm devoted to helping your business communicate like a leader, so your prospect knows the RESULTS your company delivers.

Hopes & Fears

Copy that speaks to your prospects’ biggest dreams and worst worries

Perfect Positioning

With a mix of strategy and flow, your copy will present YOU as the answer

Win the Market

Market and competitor research help create strategic messaging

Dayana is a badass killer copywriter

We found her exactly when we needed her. We knew what customers loved about our beta product, and she communicated it for us.

Paul Yevzikov
COO Track With Ease

Website Relaunch

Messaging strategy document and 4 pages of web copy

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Lead Magnet Campaign

2-page downloadable guide, 6 Facebook ads, 8 emails, 1 sales page

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