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When I went full time in my business in 2016, I didn’t have time to screw around. My husband was going back to school, and I went from stay-at-home mom dabbling in the online world to sole provider pretty much overnight. I had to get great clients right away--no experimenting. There are a few different options for learning from me and working together.

3 Client Getting Email Templates


Use this email templates, and leads will reply saying “thanks for reaching out.”

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Sometimes, courses just don’t cut it and you need personalized feedback to help you bust through blocks and see what you can’t see by yourself.


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Dayana has helped me expand how I see my freelance writing career.

When I met her, I was newer to copywriting and looking for help finding and dealing with clients, pricing out projects, and just needed someone to bounce ideas off of. She helped me figure out a few things on the fly and was very open and responsive to my questions. Dayana’s help was very valuable to me.

Kristi Durham
Email Copywriter

…I’ve had to stop implementing the strategy because I couldn’t keep up with leads…

I started the LinkedIn strategy that Dayana gave me and I saw results quickly. Within a few days, my upcoming week was filled with phone calls with my new connections. At times, I’ve had to stop implementing the strategy because I couldn’t keep up with leads

Max Kwok