Cold Email + LinkedIn = B2B Success

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Wanna know what helps eliminate that pesky “scarcity mindset” that keeps you stuck in your business?
A consistent stream of high-quality leads coming at you non-stop
Wanna know what makes you really good at closing sales calls?

To get practice, you need (guess what) a consistent stream of high-quality leads coming at you non-stop

You’ve been told that to get steady leads, you need to have a big following across half a dozen social media platforms, build an email list to 10k subscribers and (oh yeah), have a popular blog with a boat load of SEO traffic.
And you need to go to a ton of networking events.
If you don’t do all of that, then you better get your ass on Upwork or Fiverr and compete with 2.5 million other newbies for one-off gigs.

I’m here to tell you that none of this is true.

You don’t need to shell out $2k for a conference before you’re making $10k a month.

You don’t need to get clients from Twitter.

And you definitely DON’T need to deal with nightmare freelance marketplaces. Meat market much?

Here’s what I won’t tell you…

That building a b2b service business is easy.

You already know that it’s not.

While it might not be easy to find your perfect-fit client AND have clients chasing also doesn’t necessarily have to be hard.

Guess what works faster and more consistently than all the other crap I listed?


Yes, cold outreach.

“That actually works?”

Of course it does. Well, it works for me and my clients. People actually thank me for my outreach even if they’re not immediately interested. Great clients want to work with service providers and companies who are proactive.

If outreach doesn’t work for you, you’re either not doing it at all or you’re doing it wrong. Messaging is everything.

Cold outreach has worked for me for the past 3 years. And now, I’ve gotten so good at it that things like this keep happening…

I’m being featured as a case study for (my cold email tool) because my cold emails have the highest replies the team has ever heard of.

A client wrote me an email saying he got a sales call booked just one hour after he implemented the emails I gave him (One hour! And he had only emailed 10 companies so far!)

Two other clients have to periodically STOP doing the LinkedIn strategy that I gave them because they can’t keep up with incoming interest.

It’s not that other strategies don’t work...It’s that in B2B, outreach is foundational.

Outreach is the backbone of consistent leads and revenue. Go ahead and layer other marketing strategies on top, but only after you’re booking 3-5 sales calls each and every week.


B2B Success is designed to give you the tools, philosophy and methodology to win at outreach every single day.

Wake up to 4 emails in your inbox and 3 messages in your LinkedIn inbox, ALL FROM IDEAL-FIT CLIENTS who pay professional rates.

(You could take this content and turn it into a done-for-you service for the niche of your choice and hit mid-five figure months, no problem.)

  • Step 1 - Master your messaging
  • Step 2 - Get crazy results from cold email
  • Step 3 - Become a LinkedIn master
  • Step 4 - Turn interest into booked calls

Learn How to Book 3 - 5 Sales Calls a Week

Close your eyes. Imagine that even when your calendar was booked 2 months out, you still kept booking 3 to 5 sales calls every week because you just couldn’t stop yourself.

Your lead generation is doing so well, that the calls get booked with barely any effort on your part, so you might as well go ahead and book them.

On every call, you’re not desperate in the slightest, which only makes people want to work with you more, so your waiting list gets longer and you get pickier and your prices get higher.

That can be the reality for your business WITHOUT relying on content marketing, paid ads or wasting your time turning in “proposals” alongside 50 other “freelancers” all competing to give 20% of their earnings to a big corporation. No thanks.

This is YOUR business. Now it’s time to own it.













What’s Included

Access to 4 Training Modules

Module 1

  • Know what your ideal target audience really wants to hear from you
  • Go really deep (and emotional!) with your messaging
  • Prep your business and your website for outreach

Module 2
Cold Email

  • Quality versus quantity: which is right for you?
  • Discover how to protect your domain from getting banned
  • Build up a custom list of ideal prospects
  • Learn the tricks to get prospects to introduce you to you the right contact
  • Start conversations that lead to sales
  • Know what it takes to get prospects THANKING you for your outreach

Module 3

  • How to go after your ideal client in LinkedIn in a way that makes it seem like they’re the one coming after you
  • How to reposition your business as a high-quality, premium service 
  • How to grow a network that actually grows your business (because, you’re not here to be an “influencer”)
  • How to automate your LinkedIn growth without pissing anyone off, getting banned from the platform, and looking like a fool
  • How to turn popular posts and even comments into hot leads
  • How to combine an inbound approach with an outbound approach so you’re rocking your LinkedIn skills all the way to the bank

Module 4
Booking Calls

  • How LinkedIn and cold outreach work together
  • How to continually optimize your outreach so you get more responses for the same amount of effort (I’m not talking dumb tests, this is big fat troubleshooting and risk taking)
  • The number way to make a lead go dark and how to avoid this misstep
  • How to gracefully transition every response into a new sales call in your calendar
Cold Email + LinkedIn = Clients
Cold Email + LinkedIn = Customers
Cold Email + LinkedIn = B2B Success
Learn what it takes to book a limitless number of qualified sales calls consistently.
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